Can I use my body hair for a hair transplant procedure

Can I Use My Body Hair For a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Beard hair is a very good choice for hair transplantation procedure. The thickness of each beard hair follicle is typically twice that of donor area hair follicles, which means more than twice the amount of density placed. Up to 1000 grafts can be harvested from beard. Also, many people never wish to grow their beard, so the actual graft numbers could be even higher than 1000 grafts. It is easy to harvest from the face, leaving slightly visible scaring and provide very fast recovery period. However, if more is taken, patchy look may appear in the beard.

We frequently combine the harvesting of beard and scalp donor hair follicles for hair transplantation operation on the same day. By using this perspective, the thick beard follicles increase volume, while the scalp donor hairs support a natural look. Most patients who have a combined approach think that the existent procedure of harvesting beard hair was easier during and after the hair transplant procedure compared to the harvesting of hair from the scalp donor region. Beard hair also works very well on difficult zones including the crown area and there is generally a quicker return to normal growth after a transplant procedure.

Harvesting from beard hair follicles for hair transplantation is great news for men suffering from hair and should be considered for all, from mild to severe. I now offer beard hair extraction to all of my male patients to maximize results and expand the possibilities.

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