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Designing anterior hairline

Designing Anterior Hairline

Design of the anterior hairline during hair transplantation
In hair transplantation, the design of the anterior hairline is the most important factor that affects the success and naturalness of the transplant. The front hairline should be designed according to the shape of the person’s face.

Design of the front hairline
The design of the front hairline in hair transplantation varies from person to person. Due to the different shapes of people’s faces, there is no standard design for the front hairline. Due to the differences in people’s faces, measurements are taken individually. In addition to the anatomical structure of the head of the person to be transplanted, age and other personal characteristics may also play a role in calculating the front hairline.
To design the anterior hairline, a boundary of these two sections is first established for the vertically rising section above the forehead and the transition to the horizontal hairline on the head. This boundary is the midpoint, starting from the center of the two eyebrows.
This midpoint becomes the center of the hairline. An angle is determined for the transition from the vertical part connecting the face and the scalp to the horizontal part. This angle determines the boundary of the hairline. The line determined by this angle can be drawn a little up or down depending on the head structure and age of the person. At this point, the boundary of the front hairline is determined depending on the person.
The front hairline in men is mainly determined by the shape of the skull and facial features. For example, in people with a wide skull structure, the front hairline forms a wide angle with the temple. In people with a narrow skull structure, this angle is taken narrower and combined with the temple area.
The angle of the front hairline should match the angle of the temple areas. The boundaries of the hair in the temple area, the end line of the front hairline, its angles and density are determined according to the person’s face type. Here, esthetic considerations determine how high or low the front hairline should be. Calculating the distribution of hair density at the point where the front hairline begins is a situation that requires expertise. For this reason, the design of the front hairline is a situation that requires expertise and is completely determined by the person.

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