preparation of the recipient area in hair transplant

Preparation of the Recipient Area in Hair Transplant

Preparation of The Recipient Area in Hair Transplant

In hair transplant, the preparation of the recipient area where the grafts will be placed is called recipient site creation.
Recipient site creation has an important place in hair transplantation. Because it directly affects the success of hair transplantation. The density of the hair after hair transplantation depends on the donor area.However, since the created recipient site the attachment of the hair follicles, it is directly related to the density of the hair.

The point to pay attend when creating the recipient sites where the grafts will be placed is that they are compatible.The created recipient sites should be according to the length and diameter of the hair follicle to be placed. If the created recipient sites and hair follicles are not compatible, the transplanted hair will not look natural. Because when the hair follicle is placed in the recipient site, it holds on to there and is feeds from there. If the created recepient sites and the hair follicle are not compatible, the hair root cannot hold and grow there. Therefore, the recipient sites to be created with the hair follicles should be compatible.

In order for the hair follicles to hold on to the created recipient site , there must be a certain angle. The recipient sides to be created should be created at right angles. Creation at the right angle determines the growth direction of the transplanted hair. The angle of the recipient sites created for the hair to be transplanted should be determined and all the hair follicles should be placed according to this angle. If the right angle cannot be determined, the hair will grow upright and upward, which prevents the natural appearance and makes it difficult for the hair follicles to hold. While the recepient site is being created, the angles of the hair follicles increase from the front hairline to the nape area. Because the hair in the front hairline tends to grow forward and therefore a 30-35 degree angle is required. As the angle of growth of the hair increases while going from the top to the nape area, a 45-degree recipient site creation is performed.
You can ask Dr. Okan TANIN at our clinic for the preparation of the recipient area, recipient site creation and many other questions in hair transplantation.

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