Things To Know About Our Hair

Things To Know About Our Hair

What is the Anatomical Structure of Hair?

The hair can be called an appendage located top on to the skin. The top of the skin is covered dead of material called keratin. Like our nails, our scalp also contains keratin. This outer layer is called the cuticle. This protective outer layer consists of wall-like cells that overlap each other. The innermost part is called the medulla there is surrounded by the cortexes where the pigments’ located. The cortex makes up a too big part of the hair. And it has a brown color pigment resembling fish scales.
In the subcutaneous part, there is a hair root sheath. Hair root sheaths are surrounded by hair buds. Compared to the part above the skin, the subcutaneous part is living tissue. The hair bud is like the birthplace of the hair. Hair cells multiply rapidly here and continue to grow by metamorphosing towards dead cells. In the hair bud, the hair cells multiply quickly and push the dead cells upwards to the hair growth. As they grow longer, They rise above the scalp and form the hair. The hair bud also contains pigments that give color to the hair. The hair bud surrounds the hair papilla and helps it hold on better. The papilla is very important for the nourishment, growth, and healthy appearance of the hair. The papilla contains blood vessels that nourish the hair. Haircare is too essential because even what we eat affects the hair.

How Does the Hair Growth Cycle Happen?
A strand of hair on the scalp grows 1.25 cm per month on average. In other words, our hair can grow up to 15 centimeters per year. Hair growth occurs through developmental cycle stages. One hair cycle takes about seven years. These phases of the hair; are called anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Anagen phase;
In this phase, which can last for 3 to 7 years, the cells in the hair bud are constantly dividing for the hair to grow.

Catagen phase;
In the 2-5 week period after the anagen phase, the division of hair cells suddenly stops. The hair follicle shrinks a little due to the cessation of division. Hair cannot grow any further.

Telogen phase;
In this period of 2-5 months, comes after the catagen phase, the shrinking hair follicles begin to shrink gradually. After the division stops, the shrinking hair follicle suddenly revives and restarts the cell divisions in the hair bud. The new hair, which grows as it divides, pushes the old hair on the scalp upwards to the old hair is thus shed.

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