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Which Age Is Best for Hair Transplant

Which Age Is Best for Hair Transplant?

Which Age Is Best for Hair Transplant?
Hair loss is a condition that deeply affects people of all ages and genders. According to research, 60% of men in the world suffer from hair loss, while 50% of women have the same problem. For this reason, people have found a solution in hair transplant operations.
On the other hand, there are many reasons for hair loss. The following are some of the most basic causes of hair loss:

Androgenic Alopecia
High levels of anxiety and stress Chronic illnesses like diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure These listed conditions seriously affect hair loss. However, as mentioned before, this situation can be prevented by hair transplantation procedures. On the other side, having a hair transplant has some restrictions. The age of the person is also one of these limitations.

Does Getting a Hair Transplant Have an Age Limit?
Because there are so many variables at play, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact age that is best for hair transplantation. If no further conditions exist, the suggested age range for hair transplantation is between 18 and 65.
On the other hand, many specialist physicians do not favor hair transplantation before the 25 age. This situation is because the type of hair loss has not yet developed a pattern. However, in rare cases, hair transplantation can be performed on people under the age of 25.

At What Age Can You Have a Hair Transplant?
In fact, the answer to this question is entirely dependent on the person, so there is no right or wrong answer. Thus, the baldness you experience may be very different from another person’s. As a result, you may have to have a hair transplant earlier or later than the recommended age range.
On the other hand, for hair loss forms to have a pattern, experts recommend waiting until at least 25 years of age. However, if the situation is dire, you should definitely discuss this with your doctor.
In addition, before a hair transplant, your doctor may perform various tests and analyze hair loss. Thus, you can have a comprehensive knowledge of the type and shape of hair loss, the size of the balding area, and the quality of the donor’s hair.

What Occurs If a Person Gets an FUE Hair Transplant Too Early?
Of course, you may be in a hurry to have a hair transplant. However, if you are having your procedure done at a young age, you should be aware that there may be some risks. For example, in some cases, performing FUE hair transplantation at a young age may mean repeating the operation in the future. For this reason, you should not take action for hair transplantation at a young age.
On the other hand, due to the FUE hair transplant procedure performed at an early age, the pattern of hair loss may change and baldness may begin in different parts of the scalp. This is entirely due to aging. As a result, you may develop bald patches on your head.

Frequently Asked Questions
At Age 22, May I Get a Hair Transplant? When considering a hair transplant, there are many points to consider. One of them is age. A person who wants to have a hair transplant must be at least 25 years old.

When Should a Hair Transplant Be Avoided?
Although it may seem like a relatively simple operation, hair transplantation is ultimately a surgical procedure. For this reason, those under the age of 25, those with liver failure, diabetics, or heart patients should avoid this operation.

Is There an Age Limit for FUE Hair Transplants?
Knowing when the ideal moment will be to get a hair transplant is significant. For example, if you leave hair transplantation at a very advanced age, you may not be able to prevent hair loss.

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