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Comparison of FUE and DHI Method

Hair transplantation is one of the surgical treatments that is done the most frequently worldwide. However, there are different procedures used for this operation. FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods are examples of them. Knowing the main differences between both methods allows you to have a prediction about the procedure you will undergo. As a result, it is crucial to become familiar with the comparison of FUE and DHI methods.

What is the FUE Method?
The process starts with removing the grafts from the donor area with a micro-motor machine. It continues with the implantation into the implant area after opening the canal. Then, the grafts are carefully placed from the hair follicle inwards with the help of tweezers.

What is the DHI Method?
In the process, which is actually the same as the FUE method and works by removing the follicles, the grafts are implanted with the help of the Choi implanter pen. Thus, hair transplantation can be performed without needing to contact the hair follicle.

What are the Differences Between FUE and DHI Methods?
FUE and DHI, two hair transplantation methods that are very similar, differ from each other because of the way the hair is transplanted. DHI, however, is a more recent technology that makes it possible to transplant hair without first opening a canal in the head. Thus, there is less bleeding. In addition, since there is no channel in the scalp, there is less scarring in DHI hair transplantation.
From all these factors, it can be concluded that the DHI approach will lead to a faster healing process. However, FUE is also a widely used method and neither approach has a clear scientific advantage over the other.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is DHI More Successful than FUE because It Is New? Scientifically, there is no such comparison data. Both methods are equally successful.

Is DHI a Better Method than FUE?
DHI seems to be a better method because it heals faster or bleeds less, but they have different uses. So, while FUE is ideal for a larger area, DHI can achieve a more intense result.

Which Method is More Permanent?
Again, there is no scientific data on this, but it is a fact that the permanence of both methods is high.

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