Does a Hair Transplant Look Natural

Does a Hair Transplant Look Natural?

Hair loss is a medical condition that affects 80% of men and 50% of women worldwide. Because of this reason, many people are drawn to hair transplantation. However, people who are not familiar with hair transplantation often seek answers to questions such as “Does a hair transplant look natural?”. However, today’s hair transplantation operations are so advanced that it is not even possible for the transplanted hair to look unnatural.

What Are the Factors Affecting Hair Transplantation?

Of course, not every hair transplantation looks natural because several factors are required for this procedure to look natural. Some of the factors that will help your hair transplant look natural are the ones listed below:
  • Choice of surgeon and clinic
  • A comprehensive hair assessment
  • Choosing the most suitable hair transplant method
  • Prudent extraction of hair follicles
  • Following postoperative instructions
These factors listed above are decisive in determining whether your hair transplant will look natural or not.

Choice of Surgeon and Clinic

First of all, you need to make a good choice of surgeon and clinic for the operation to be successful and achieve the desired result. If you choose an inexperienced plastic surgeon or undergo the operation in a non-sterile clinic, you may not be satisfied with the result. Even aside from satisfaction, you may be victimized because you may get infected or have an unnatural transplant due to poor technique. For this reason, you must do detailed research when choosing both a clinic and a surgeon.

A Comprehensive Hair Assessment

Another significant point is that hair loss diagnosis should be made professionally. With this step, which enables preliminary work to be done both in the donor and operation areas, the number of grafts required to verify. Moreover, the quality of the grafts to be taken from the donor area is also detected by hair evaluation.

Choosing the Most Suitable Hair Transplant Method

Of course, it is significant to consider the patient’s wishes when choosing the correct method. However, the patient’s medical conditions may not allow the application of the methods patient wants entirely. In order to determine which approach is best for a patient, it is first necessary to determine whether the patient is a candidate for FUE or DHI.

Prudent Extraction of Hair Follicles

If you want an extremely natural-looking hair transplant, your surgeon must gently extract your hair follicles because poor extraction can cause irreversible damage In this case, getting a hair transplant may not even be an option for you. As a result, good hair extraction is mandatory for a good hair transplant. This is only possible by an expert doctor.

Following Postoperative Instructions

It’s critical to follow the post-operative recommendations in order to maximize the success rate of hair transplantation. In this direction, it is necessary to listen to your doctor, use the medication prescribed and follow the prohibitions set by the doctor. For example, it is significant not to be directly exposed to the sun, not to use alcohol or smoke, not to wear a hat for a specified period, and to avoid physical activities.

Frequently Asked Question

Does a Hair Transplant Hurt?

A hair transplant is usually not considered a painful procedure because local anesthesia is applied during the operation. This situation means that you will only feel a little pressure on your scalp.

Is the Success Rate of Hair Transplantation High?

Studies have shown that between 85% and 95% of the transplanted grafts of the surgical site proliferate quickly. Given the high success rates, it may be concluded that hair transplant operations are successful, barring unusual circumstances.

How Can I Get a Hair Transplant That Looks More Natural?

Of course, after the hair transplant, you have as much to do as your doctor. At this point, you can use cotton hair fibers to make the operation area look more natural. Thus, the fiber you use clings to the hair-transplanted region and fills the visible gaps.

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