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Frontal Part Density - otek hair clinic

Frontal Part Density

The density of transplanted grafts is a very important factor that affects the quality of a hair transplant procedure. The essential point is to determine the density necessary for a natural result. In some patients a loss of density may be visible over the entire frontal part. In this case, the objective is to redraw the borders but also to redensify the entire first zone in order to obtain a dense and homogeneous result. In this step, it is very important that the doctor and his team are experienced.

How It’s Done

The FUE method has mostly replaced the previously common strip method (FUT) because in all situations it is a better alternative and does not leave any visible scars.
In conjunction with a FUE operation, hair follicles (grafts) are removed from the back of the head and, if necessary, also from the sides. The right technology and equipment are absolutely important for the best results. That’s why we have experienced doctors and team, the right methods and the best equipment.

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