Hair Transplantation Cannot Performed During Summer

Hair Transplantation Cannot Performed During Summer

The story that hair transplantation is not done in the summer is not true. Hair transplant has nothing to do with the season actually. You can have operation done in any season. It will be enough to protect the transplanting area from external factors only in summer and winter months.
Based on our experience, we can say that it is more logical and better to have a hair transplant in spring and autumn. Because in these months the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.
If you are going to use your annual leave in the summer, you can have a transplant in the summer. In this way, you will have the opportunity to rest and protect your head from adverse weather conditions.
Another Person’s Hair Can Used for the Hair Transplant Surgery
With other surgical transplant procedures requiring organs donated by other person’s, people assume that the same applies to hair transplants. All grafts for the hair transplantation surgery come from the patient’s body. The OTEK Hair Clinic can help map out all of the regions that can donate grafts of hair to the balding areas.
Hair Transplant Surgery Final Results Look Artificial and Easy to Notice
If the hair transplant procedure conducted by a hair loss specialist, it will look no different than your natural hair. The surgeons can accomplish the corrective procedure using highly advanced and precise surgical tools and devices without any noticeable linear scars or uneven growth problems.
Patient Can Expect Instantaneous Results
Unfortunately, most patients enter the operation room expecting to come out with a whole stack of hair on their balding areas. You may need to decrease your expectations as the procedure may require up to six months for the grafts to take root fully. Within six to eight months after your hair transplant surgery, you may begin to see a significant degree of hair growing on the balding regions.
The Procedure Is Only For Young, Male Adults
Male pattern baldness more common than in females for sure, some people wrongfully believe that a hair transplantation surgery is only effective for young, male patients. Rapidly developing technology such as unshaved grafting, allows women to experience restorative hair transplant procedures without shaving their hair.
Besides, some people believe that the hair transplant procedure is only effective for young patients. Most hair restoration specialists recommend the treatment for mainly older men when the majority of the hair loss has occurred already. Given the struggle in the physician’s ability to predict the future boundaries of the hair loss, getting the hair transplant surgery too early may result in the loss of hair through and around the freshly grafted hair. To determine if you are an ideal candidate for hair transplant, you may need to visit our clinic in Antalya or book an online consultation.

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