Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Hair Transplant Without Shaving

Hair transplant is the most common aesthetic surgery requested by men in the modern world nowadays.
Recently, Unshaven FUE-DHI eliminates the necessity to shave the hair before a hair transplant operation. Hair loss starts with balding in frontal regions. Frontal hairline gets lost with the time and then, bald areas appear and slowly develop in vertex. Hair loss in anterior and posterior hairs meet and balding occurs on the vertex. FUE-DHI Hair transplant without shaving can be easily performed, if hair is weak and it is possible to perform procedures between hair strands.
Hair transplant without shaving technique was developed for patients who want to be discreet.

Benefits of U-FUE – DHI

This is an undetectable procedure so the unshaved hair transplant patient can return to work one day after having the procedure without the usual give away marks of having a hair transplant. The procedure is carried out without the need to trim, cut or shave the hair of patient. An unshaven hair transplant surgery patient can retain his hairstyle and hair length during and directly after the procedure. This is an excellent solution for those that want to keep the procedure private and invisible. Unshaven hair transplant is the number one hair transplant choice of businessman, model, media, film, television and music celebrities including sports personalities.

Who is able to have an unshaven FUE-DHI hair transplant?

There are many reasons why a U-FUE/DHI could be suitable for you. U-FUE/DHI hair transplants are for people who need to return to work as quick as possible and can’t wait for their hair to grow back. This can include people who have representative jobs, or who are always in front of the public eye. A U-FUE/DHI allows them to have a hair transplant without anyone realizing it.
This operation is appropriate for who want to keep their original hair in the same style and length during and after the operation. A U-FUE/DHI hair transplant procedure can work very well for people with long hair. This is an easy thing to decide patients who are daunted by the prospect of shaving their head. They may have always had long hair, or simply don’t like the idea. Patients generally are happy to have a more normal looking hair transformation than a standard FUE/DHI hair transplant.
Postoperative period of U-FUE/DHI is identical to that of other hair transplant methods. Hair transplant specialist Dr. Okan inform you in detail about how hair should be protected from sun and how to avoid hitting your head etc. At this point, it is sufficient to follow recommendations of Dr. Okan.

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