Things To Consider Before Having Hair Transplant Surgery

Things To Consider Before Having Hair Transplant Surgery

Things To Consider Before Having Hair Transplant Surgery

Before you decide for hair transplant operation some important issues to keep in mind include:

It is essential to have realistic expectations. If you start off without much hair, a transplant will not give you a full head of hair of course. The thicker and denser your own remaining hair, the better the results will be. Mostly, thick hair that is light colored or grey gives better results than hair that is thin and dark colored.

Following hair transplant operation, it can take up to twelve months before the hair takes root and begins to fill in.

By the way, if the hair loss was caused by burns or trauma, hair transplant surgery is considered a reconstructive treatment and may be covered by your health insurance.

Ask your medical practitioner about any out-of-pocket costs you can expect, he will guide you.

Smokers are at increased some risks of complications from surgery. If you are serious about undergoing hair transplant surgery, maybe you should try to quit smoking permanently. There may be a need for continuing medical treatment after hair transplant surgery.

Not everyone can or should, have a hair transplant. This procedure is a type of medical surgery and it’s best performed on those whose hair loss has “stabilized.”

No two people are alike, so its also vary when it comes to your hair’s structure, thinness, and the ability for it to regrow. The doctor will take hair from your own “donor area” and so the result depends on how thick the hair is in those areas.

Each individual has their own unique genetic makeup which includes how their hair grows or falls out. If the rest of your body is also experiencing thinning hair, the hair transplant operation may result in thin hair on your head, too. But make sure you talk to hair transplant surgeons about the procedure beforehand so they can give you a better idea of what to expect.

Once you have a hair transplant, you don’t need to worry about your hair falling out any longer. Since it’s a surgery, the new hair is permanently stuck to your scalp.

It’s important to discover all of your options before you choose to go through with a clinic. Since it’s a permanent operation, you need to be fully aware of how it will look after the operation and what the outcome will be before you decide.

The hair at the crown area may take longer time to regrow, so make sure you listen to your hair transplant doctor about how to care for your hair and scalp.

Be really gentle with your hair, especially right after the hair transplant surgery. The more you take care of your newly transplanted hair, the stronger the regrowth will be.

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