What is The Micro Motor Device Used in Hair Transplantation?

There are many treatment solutions developed to stop and prevent hair loss issue. Hair loss can be prevented with some treatment methods applied. Thanks to modern hair transplantation methods, a solution to the problem of baldness can be produced. Many tools and devices are used in hair transplantation procedure.

The device used as the last method during harvesting of hair follicles (graft) is called micromotor. The micro motor tool used in hair transplantation is an electrical device with special tips that are generally used by dentists.

During hair transplant procedure, extraction is performed without damaging the scalp and tissue of the hair transplant patient. Higher number of grafts can be obtained with the procedure applied using micromotor and less damage is caused to grafts. The micro motor device is used to speed up the operation in the hair transplantation procedure with the FUE technique and to get a much larger number of hair follicles.

In order not to damage the hair grafts and scalp of patient, the micro motor device should be used by a specialist. Use by non-specialists can occur many problems.

There are also many hair transplantation centers that perform the FUE method manually without using micro motors in order not to damage the hair grafts and the scalp of patient.

Rotating speed of micromotor device is very important and critical in this technique. Rotating speed is determined based on the tissue and hair follicle properties of the patient. Hair follicles are extracted using special tiny punches attached to the micromotor device. Diameter of punches must be 0.5 – 0.7 mm. Grafts are extracted one by one during micromotor procedure.

The micromotor device turns and enters the skin to prevent damage to the hair grafts during hair transplantation procedure.

This procedure decreases the operation time compared to the manual punch method. Since the hair transplantation with the micro motor is much faster, the sessions take shorter time.

No damage to follicles and smoother cuts around follicles due to use of a micromotor device during the operation. So, there are no scars on the scalp after the operation. Since the hair grafts will be transplanted at appropriate angles thanks to the micromotor device, the hair grows in the direction of natural output. Thus, image distortion does not occur at the end of the procedure.

Hair transplant with micromotor device will create an original, authentic hairline that is natural in appearance, making it very worth it.

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