When Can I Fly After My Hair Transplant

When Can I Fly After My Hair Transplant?

More than half of our patients fly in from different countries to our OTEK Hair Clinic in Antalya having hair transplant operation. So, this is a main topic and a frequently asked question. The answer is you can fly the minute you leave the clinic. It’s not necessary to set limits on any kind of travel like plane, bus, train, automobile, or boat.

Unsurprisingly, we advise our patients never to walk faraway right after a hair transplant because of the sweating it may induce.

The only real considerations for flying after a hair transplant are the possibilities of your head getting hurt due to someone reach a bag from an overhead compartment. Of course, that happens more than you think. Whether you’ve had DHI or FUE, pressure in the plane will give you stress and it may increase discomfort. So, make sure you have the pain-killers that your doctor prescribed with you on the plane.

Don’t drink alcohol, as it is a blood thinner and can make it more difficult for the blood to clot, which may lead to bleeding, especially in your donor area.

We usually recommend to our patients that they stay in a hotel the night after the surgery, then get on a plane the next day.

It is also very important that you rest as much as possible in the first few days after the hair transplant operation. This is not only because the procedure makes you tired, but because resting helps speed up your recovery. As the procedure is performed, the body endures pain in the first few minutes during the hair transplant and uses up a lot of energy.

Following your doctor’s after care instructions and warnings will also eliminate any problems that may occur in the plane. Your doctor may help you improve your flight comfort with the cream or medications he will give you. Finally, it is very important that you carefully follow all post-operative care instructions we gave you.

However, it’s also important to note that the advice provided by doctors should be taken as a general guide and that individuals should consult with their own doctor for personalized recommendations as every individual may have different healing process and different instructions.

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